All they wanted us to know about her is that she was at ease with nature, a spiritual being and the mother of all women that ever landed on earth, not to forget Adam’s wife and the mastermind behind the original sin.

Trying to visually investigate her identity nowadays stepped halfway between a modern edgy and a sensual eve, all images reflect a highly fashionable model wrapped in fabrics. Surrendering with her body language, today’s eve is an object that melts with its surroundings as every shoot suggests or at least that’s what they want us to know.

This series documents societal pressure on women to conform to a standard form of beauty. In the Arab society, Women are 'trained to see themselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs' but they must learn to recognize and combat these internalised images. "Venus" should encourage rejection of unrealistic goals in favour of a positive self-image of the woman as the source and force of creation.

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