Going outside on their own, the stuff and joy of being a kid living in Mali but spending their summer next to their grandparents in the village, in North Lebanon, this series started somewhat naturally. I was immediately drawn to (and intrigued by) siblings behaviour, and I began studying their different ways of expressing their relationships and their unity almost unconsciously. From my perspective, there are many psychological elements at play. As a little sister myself, I am continually grappling with my own sibling hood. My brother and I were never close in a physical way and I am fascinated (and slightly terrified) by the close relationship between many siblings: I often see sisters and brothers leaning on each other for hours without any discomfort.

Sibling hood is filled with contradictions, it is something so ordinary and yet amasingly complex.

Can we see something in a child's posture and eye that predicts anti-social behaviour in adulthood ?

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